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What is Cyberbullying - The Law and the current scenario

The Law is still vague about Cyberbullying, and the scenario is often underestimated. Here I explain the real nature of Cyberbullying.

02 Oct 2016

Online Gambling Addiction and Endless Runner Games: the Doorstep?

In this video I explain the other side of the coin: Endless Games may be the door to Online Gambling.

22 Jun 2016

Why and How do Teenagers use the Web and how we can help Them?

Teenagers and Adults are two different Worlds or, better, are two different sides of the same coin. That is, these two sides seldom connect each other, and the same Virtual...

20 Jun 2016

Between Real Reality and Virtual Reality: the Third Option

We have to keep in mind the **hybrid nature of Ingress** if we want to understand how people build their Virtual Identities inside the game and how these Identities interact...

18 Jun 2016

How does Cyberbullying usually start – The origins

The more I study Cyberbullying and other related issues, the more I see the Human Being has the same mental processes as in the past. The expression of these processes...

15 Jun 2016

Snapchat the False Privacy Promise for your Teenagers

Snapchat is the App of the moment, and Teenagers like it because it’s visual by design, it’s fast and easy to use, its messages disappear after they’ve been seen by...

30 May 2016

How and Why I used Clash of Clans to Start with a Teen and You Can Too

Dealing with teenagers requires us to be always on the move. We have to be flexible, creative, and most of all constantly focused on the main goal: it’s the only...

23 May 2016

Cyberbullying Sexting Internet Addiction How to Protect your Children

Probably your children have a smartphone, and if you think you need to understand this in order to protect your children then you are almost wrong.

21 Apr 2016

How to use Snapchat to stay connected with your Children

Whether it’s for College, University or an Internship, here we are: after some vacation your teens are ready to go away…again. On one side, the empty nest is waiting for...

15 Apr 2016

4 Key Factors to Negotiate Rules with your Kids

Setting up the right Internet rules is never easy when we talk about Teenagers, most of all when the Teenagers are your sons and daughters.

09 Apr 2016

Digital Parenting Tips: Best Practices

After having checked the wrong practices, let’s see how we should deal with the Web and how to manage our kids.

02 Apr 2016

Digital Parenting Tips: Wrong Practices

Teenagers and Adult Parents perceive Technology in different ways, so we adults often make wrong moves while having good intentions. Here I explain how.

24 Mar 2016

Why do teens use new media?

The Web is just another piece of the ordinary World to our children. As such, it’s the place where they experiment themselves, build their own Identity, test their skills.

17 Mar 2016

Is Cyberbullying as Media tell to us?

While all the world is talking about cyberbullying , we need to discern the reality (numbers) from the perception (what we think about). A research by Dan Olweus, PhD, of...

04 Mar 2016