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Cyberbullying Sexting Internet Addiction How to Protect your Children

Cyberbullying Sexting Internet Addiction How to Protect your Children

Cyberbullying, Sexting, Internet Addiction

How to Protect your Children against Cyberbullying and other Cyberthreats.


Probably your children have a smartphone, and if you think you need to understand this in order to protect your children then you are almost wrong.

In fact, this is just a mean, a tool your kids use in order to get what’s happening in the clouds.

The Web is about relationship…but what happens when these relationships go bad?

0:27 Sexting

Sex + Texting.

You snap a nude photo of yourself and send it to your partner.

Nothing wrong with it, but what would happen if I persuaded you to snap a nude photo of yourself, and then I posted it to my Social channels, possibly adding some funny text?


0:50 Cyberbullying

My goal as Cyberbully is Psychological humiliation, and I’m going to use the viral power of the Web to accomplish my mission.


1:17 Internet Addiction

Here your teens spend too much time on the Web, or on porn websites…but how much is too much?


2:17 The Digital Jungle and the Digital Wolves

If the World is a jungle, then the online World is a digital jungle.

Here wolves change their Identity in order to persuade you they are the partner of your dreams, teens/children like you, or good men that love children and donate them candy gifts.


3:01 Bad habits that lead to unhealthy behaviors

Cyberbullying, Porn and Internet Addiction, Stalking and Pedophilia, all leave marks in your children: they are called unhealthy behaviors.


3:34 How a Parental Control Software may help you

To create a true relationship with your children.

To create trust with your children.


3:54 The features of a good Parental Control Software

Thanks to


5:15 The right Parenting style

From controlling to monitoring and mentoring.


6:45 The daily check, and how to do it

How to create a Ritual with your children.

How to analyze their online activity together.


7:46 The main weapon we have and our children don’t


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