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Digital Parenting Tips: Best Practices

Digital Parenting Tips: Best Practices

After having checked the wrong practices, let’s see how we should deal with the Web and how to manage our kids.

Provide alternative activities

Let’s say: though the Web is a great thing (and it’s the World our teens are going to live in), there is always a real World they have to learn to live in and to deal with.

But how can we make our sons to pay attention to the real world?

It’s very simple: by making their attention to move from the online to the offline…

If they want to use their smartphones during offline activities then it’s right, but they have to learn the right balance.

They have to learn how to focus on one thing at a time.

Maybe you fear your son wouldn’t listen to you?

You shouldn’t for they usually feel pushed by this overhelming practice and are aware of it!

The smartphone is the world for our teens (via

Maybe they’ll resist at the beginning: this happens because they acquired this automatism. That’s why they need a strong alternative to break this habit, and only another person who’s out of this pattern is able to accomplish the goal.

This person maybe you…

Respect their private space

Do you remember when you were young and used to go to parties?

What if you’ve had found your parents there?

So why should you invade your son’s virtual space?

We’ll talk about trust soon…

The contract

“Verba volant, scripta manent” an ancient latin sentence that means “Spoken words fly away, written words are permanent”.

Teens have the habit to live in their fantasies, so written words help them to stay focused in this Reality.

They give a real nature to something abstract…even an agreement.

The contract helps our sons to trust you because you send the message “I think you’re adult enough to understand it”, “I’m sure you’ll respect the agreement”, “I won’t trick you”.

Obviously it has to be negotiated between the teen and the parent.

Remember it’s a 2-way contract, so you are asked to follow it too!

Help them to learn to feel themselves

Facing and coping with risk is important, but first we need our teens to be aware of these risks. They live always on the run, in a World that asks them to be faster and faster. This prevents them to take the time to feel themselves, so they aren’t able to feel the risks they are living. ( )

We are the adults, and as such we have to be the strong pillar in a more and more liquid World, a pillar our kids can rely to…always.

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